When you’re doing something new, people often have a lot of questions about it.Here are the questions we’re asked most often along with our answers.

I’ve tried online marketing/blogging/podcasting/social media and I just can’t wrap my head around how it gets us new business. 

Today when people are in the market to buy something, they no longer wait for a salesperson to knock on their door or for an advertisement to tell them what’s out there. Instead, they proactively search for what they’re interested in online. Because they no longer rely on them, people now tend to resent being interrupted by hard marketing and sales messages. The most successful 21st century businesses contribute informative and entertaining content so that when members of their target market are ready to buy they think of them first. That’s the approach we take.

What exactly do we get for our money? 

We create and roll out a comprehensive marketing and media campaign that establishes you and your organization as thought leaders in your field for the specific purpose of generating a stream of new business. Every engagement is different because every client is different. That said, here are some of the elements that our service typically includes. Strategy and Content Casting — Development of a plan for making you and your organization stand out in the marketplace as the recognized leader your niche for the purpose of becoming the go-to provider of services in your industry. Game Plan – You will receive a written document that details every aspect of the strategy we develop, along with concrete suggestions about how to implement. Training – We provide a series of training session for executives and staff on how to stand out as thought leaders using the new tools they are receiving. Online Media Property – We produce an online media property, such as a podcast or Web-video show, on an ongoing basis, based on the themes developed. Includes recording, editing, post production, launch/upload, and accompanying show notes. Book Manuscript and Book Proposal – We transcribe the podcast/online media recordings and transform the result into a book via ghostwriting. We will also create an accompanying book proposal designed to go out to literary agents and publishing houses. If we agree that articles and blog posts are the best kinds of content to establish your thought leadership, we will determine a set number of articles at the outset. Then we will repurpose the online media content into a series of relevant written articles. Prime Player Social Media – Strategic use of social media to connect you and your organization with highly influential people who are handpicked to lead to the achievement of your goals.

I don’t have a lot of time to work on this. 

This problem is exactly the reason we created MicroFame Media. We would watch businesses start a blog, podcast, or social media campaign, get a bit of momentum, and then stop right as it was beginning to get results. We realized that running a business and creating the amount of high quality content needed to bring in new customers was unsustainable. To solve this, we developed Content Casting—a system that allows you to become a recognized authority in your field without the typical time investment.

Will there be extra costs?

Everything having to do with turning you and your company into thought leaders for the purpose of growing your business is included in the price. However, if we uncover other related areas where we feel your organization can improve, we will bring them to your attention for you to decide whether to invest in outside vendors to help you in those areas. Some examples we’ve seen in the past include web design and development and new technology. The good news about these kinds of improvements, when they do happen to come up, is that they tend to be relatively inexpensive compared to other costs involved in running a business.

Do you design the new website for us?

We are not a web design company. That said, if we feel your website needs improvements we will let you know. In that case, if you have someone you already work with...fantastic! If not, we know a lot of great web designers and developers we would be happy to put you in touch with.

How are you able to use social media help us build relationships with powerful people?

You’d be surprised how receptive powerful and influential people are to communicating when you appeal to their personal interests and what is important to them. That’s the approach we take and it works like a charm. 

Is it like PR?

We use some of the tactics of traditional PR but have a different orientation. Public relations firms exist to get you or your organization featured in magazines, newspapers, and TV shows. Depending on the circumstances, there can be an important place for this role. However, it is not always easy to track how appearances in traditional media lead to business. At the same time, the right people have to be watching at the right time to gain benefit. Our approach is to start out by pinpointing online influencers, build relationships with them, and get them to share your message. Once this happens, things begin to move fast, and the traditional press will follow.

Is it Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

The way Google and other search engines work is that if other high quality websites link back to your website, your website will rank highly for important key terms. For this reason, we focus on creating really great online content that will live on your site. By getting online influencers to notice this content, we get them to link their sites to yours, which accomplishes much of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms purport to deliver. The main difference between Content Casting and SEO is that our concerns go well beyond ranking well with search engines. Our system is equally focused on building a dedicated following around your ideas, which makes it much easier to regularly get more business.

Can I see a few examples of what you’ve done?

Keep in mind that this kind of work exists in context. If I send you an isolated example of one piece of writing, it might be difficult for you to judge its effectiveness without seeing everything else that has gone on around it. What I suggest is that when we get further along in our process, I put you in touch with anyone we’ve done work with in the past. In the meantime, I’d be happy to send you a few case studies that will give you a good idea of the kind of work we’ve done.

I’ve tried some blogging/social media and it takes a lot of time.

It really does. That’s why so many people try blogging or social media only to give up and decide it doesn’t work. Fortunately our service was created as a solution to this exact problem. We use customized Blueprints and material contributed by outside influencers to produce a steady stream of high quality content in the least amount of time possible. And we do it in a way specifically designed to bring you new business.

How long does it take before we start to see results?

It depends of what kind of results we’re talking about. Every client and every program is different. The way we deal with this is that we roll out a whole lot of content and try a whole lot of ideas. Then we look at the numbers. We observe which approaches get you closer to your business goals and which are less effective. We do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We follow this process over and over again until we’re consistently achieving your business goals on a regular basis. To accommodate this “iterative” process, our engagements are year long with the option to cancel after six months. In reality, we’ve never had a client exercise that cancellation clause, and most clients keep us around long after the initial engagement comes to an end. 

What do results actually look like?

Results look like what you tell us they should look like. We have clients focused on getting top search engine ranking for important key terms and others that care mostly about getting a steady stream of leads. If you do have a business goal we don’t feel our process is suited to helping you achieve, we’ll try to connect you with someone who can better help you.

I don’t really have good topics for a book, articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.

We use specially designed questions and exercises to draw ideas out. Then we take all the raw material we’ve uncovered and turn it into topics designed to attract attention.

I don’t really understand podcasting. 

At its most simple, a podcast is an online radio show that is less expensive to produce. Podcasting has recently become very popular because the technology has finally gotten good enough so that people can listen to them from their phones, their cars, while exercising, or on the way to work. It is one of the best vehicles for sharing ideas with a target audience or market. Podcasts are also conducive to conducting interviews with influential guests, which often lead to fruitful business relationships.

How does anyone find all this content we’re creating?

There are a few ways. The first is by getting the content in the hands of online influencers. There are relatively few influencers in every niche and if they come across content they like, they will spread it widely. We’re particularly good at forming relationships with these influencers. If we use a blog, getting other sites to link to it and using proper keywords makes it show up prominently in online searches. If we use a podcast, we will put it on iTunes and Stitcher, both of which have their own internal search engines that we optimize for high visibility.

Is this social media marketing?

We use social media primarily to form and foster relationships with influencers—people who can share your message widely and drive business in your direction. It is one of many weapons in our arsenal.