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"He asks the hard questions that force you to think not just about what your product does, but how it improves your potential customers’ businesses or their lives. That’s because he knows that when he gets to the core of what people in your market really want, it makes them buy from you."

- Romeo Elias, CEO Interneer

"I am a busy executive at a search marketing agency. Since our company has grown, we finally had the chance to bring someone on to develop our copy. To say I was pleased is an understatement. The first time I read Mike's first drafts, it was like - he's talking about us! This is "US"! It felt great to watch someone articulate, to a T, our spirit and our tone but in ways we would have never thought of. We are looking forward to working with Mike for years to come."

- Wil Reynolds,
Principal SEER Interactive

"In a brave new world where content rules and engagement is everything, having someone like Michael on your side is a powerful weapon."

- Jake Finkelstein,
President Method Savvy


Clear. Creative. Persuasive.



Become One of the Few True Content Marketing Success Stories

In the 21st century, it’s essential that people perceive you as an authority online if you want to grow. That requires content, and lots of it. Search engines rely on content to decide how to rank your site. Influencers look at it to figure out whether to spread the word about you. Potential customers use it to decide whether to buy what you’re selling.

Blogs, podcasts, landing pages, articles, videos…attempts at content marketing are everywhere.

So then why are so many companies failing at it?

Effective content marketing takes systems and strategy. That’s where we come in. Our specialty is empowering you to become the recognized guru of your field. Your ability to drive new business, now and into the future, relies on it.

Establish Your Authority

Here’s what we offer…

  • Content Casting – Our signature process is specifically designed to take advantage of existing resources from your team…or the larger online community…to produce a steady supply of remarkable content without adding excessive workload or perpetual expense. By tapping into universal storytelling structures and time-tested content blueprints, we provoke, test, and replicate the responses in your target audience needed for your business to thrive.
  • Content Creation – When a pivotal moment arises, you need content that packs a special kind of punch. Turning a fan into a lead…or a lead into a sale. Capturing your company’s definitive voice. Getting an essential evangelist to tell everybody about your product or service. We provide copywriting that changes the game instead of reinforcing the status quo.

Make Potential Customers Want to Hear From You

The days of interrupting people with sales and marketing messages are over. The question is what are you going to do instead? Our organization turns you into a consistent producer of the kind of content people actually want to receive. Don’t be surprised when business starts falling into your lap.

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