Team (Secret Society)

Some companies have a staff.
We have a Secret Society.

(Identities have been obscured to protect the innocent.)

Michael F. Schein

Head Hype Artist

Aimee LaLiberte

High Priestess of Cash Dollars

Dave Mastronardi

Master of Puppets

David Michael Moore

Wizard of Id

Michael Steger

Sergeant at Arms

Stacie Merrill

Logistics and Magick

Lorissa Shepstone

Matriarch of Visual Obliteration

Does your business make the world a better place? Does it truly improve your customers’ and clients’ lives?

If so, we might be able to to work with you to generate the attention and excitement you need to reach your most ambitious goals.

Because the bad guys have had the monopoly on hype for far too long.

Let’s schedule a few minutes to find out if we’re a good match for each other. 

Hype Book List

In researching hype, we’re always reading. Books on crowd psychology. Books on mass movements. Biographies. Every so often, we send a list of the best ones to our friends so you can learn what we’re learning.

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